2008 Autumn

Seasonal Festivals in Culture2nd October 2008 
Seasonal Festivals in Culture, Landscape & Myth
Is Ritual Year calendar tradition relevant today?
Illustrated exploration from Celtic Samain to Halloween, from Croagh Patrick to Croke Park

Images of truth16th October  2008
Dr. Marion DEANE
Truth in Early Irish Mythological Tales
Insights from the Goddess Macha, King Cormac of Tara, King Conor of Emain Macha to Saint Colmcille

Images of truth6th November 2008
Dr. Brendan O’BYRNE
Image, Myth and Philosophy
Iconic Stories from Plato - a portal to another world?
Director of the Centre of Platonic Studies and lecturer of Trinity College Dublin's  Philosophy Dept.

Athena Woman Warrior and Divine Weaver20th November  2008
Dr. Christine MORRIS
Athena - Woman Warrior and Divine Weaver - A Goddess in a Mans World
Dr. Morris is lecturer in Greek Archaeology, Classics Dept., TCD Trinity College Dublin
Co- Editor of ‘Ancient Goddesses :The Myths & The Evidence;

Other Events

   25th September 2008: At Dublin Castle
  BOOK  LAUNCH               ‘Island of the Setting Sun’ 2nd Edition
   Anthony Murphy & Richard Moore Authors:

   This Event organised in association with Mythic Links

 BARD One Day Seminars  Belvedere House, MULLINGAR 10am – 5pm  

  Through Nine Waves’  Series: Traditional Stories & Myths we Live by today 
                                     Facilitated by The Bard Team with Guest Speakers:
  Each day including a session: 'The Myth in the Landscape'  by Mary MacKENNA
  • Sat. 27th September 2008 Children of Lir Exile And Return
  • Sat. 1st November    2008 Midir and Etain Magic And Transformation
  • Sat. 29th November  2008 The Táin Warrior And Hero

        www.bard.ie  | http://www.belvedere-house.ie    

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