The Poet's Voice 3 Dec. 2009

THE POETS VOICE  The Mythic Journey   Thursday 3rd December  2009
Readings with Music, Reception & Social Event to celebrate Mythic Links 2nd Anniversary
POETS: Yiorgos CHOULIARAS, Christine HEATH, Susan LINDSAY, Rosemary ROWLEY
Music and Song by Niamh O'BRIEN RHIANNON and Tommy VAUGHAN
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 Each Poet will speak for approx. 10 minutes

 VENUE: United Arts Club, 3 Upper Fitzwilliam St. Dublin 2  THE POETS VOICE - Readings, Reception & Social Event

Yiorgos CHOULIARAS  Greek poet and essayist who works at the Embassy of Greece.  Author of six poetry volumes and essays on literature, cultural history, international  relations  MORE INTERVIEW : ; POEMS: and   

Christine HEATH  was short-listed for the Hennessy Literary Awardand completed a Masters in Creative Writing in Trinity College Dublin. in 2009.  She has has been writing poetry for some time.  She sails extensively and enjoys hill walking, and it is from these activities  that she has drawn inspiration for the particular poems she will read on December 3rd.

Susan LINDSAY is a co-editor of Lady Gregory's Townhouse (2009), showcase Chapbook of the Galway Arts Centre 's Advanced Poetry Class.  She will speak on 'Shifting Narratives:-  do we live within a story of Shifting narrative that in-forms our perspectives and lives?  She will invite you to explore the relevance of poetry and myth for today.  MORE INFORMATION

Rosemarie ROWLEY has published five books of poetry, and has won the Epic Award in the Scottish International Poetry Competition on four occasions. She will read from 'The Wooing of Etain', read the FULL TEXT here - or below (published in 'Transverse ' p.91 at ) Rosemarie's website is

Niamh O'BRIEN RHIANNON and Tommy  VAUGHAN  are acclaimed performers and teachers of singing, tango and musical instruments.  Rhiannon will sing ballads and Tommy will play slow airs for low flute, from their repertoire of traditional Irish music.  Rhiannon's CD album 'Heartsong of the Phoenix' will be available on the night - her website is

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