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REFERENCE - Dictionary of the Irish language:

LIST BELOW was received in 2007 ( not rechecked as yet to ensure all the links are ‘live’ or information is currently accurate)  from MARY CONDREN, author of The Serpent and the Goddess,  of   

IFR  COMPILED  (with help from various Old Irish and Celtic lists),  and commented on, the following set of links to help those wishing to search Irish mythology, manuscripts, and language. All the sites mentioned here are reputable academic sources. The last one describes herself as "amateur" but contains some good material.

WORLD MYTHOLOGY -extensive links  compiled and maintained by Kathleen Jenks Ph.D. formerly of Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara .

Celtic Mythology Charles Wright maintains an excellent site for those wishing to start researching Celtic texts

Patrick Brown maintains a site for the Ulster Cycle:
He also maintains a "Links" page to other sites:

See also: and

Cycle of the Kings and other sagas, see:

Stories of how places got their names: Metrical Dindshenchas, volumes 1, 2 & 3 :

 Bibliography of Irish linguistics and literature 1942-1971, compiled by Rolf Baumgarten DIAS- site:

Irish History, Literature and Politics

Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA)

The Irish Quaternary Studies Online Project

Irish dictionary for searching

Dictionary of the Irish language:

"Sengoídelc: Quotations from Early Irish Literature"
A new site, now available at:

List of email discussion groups on Irish and Celtic issues:

Some stories not found on  sites above can be found through Mary Jones
describes herself as a writer, musician and amateur Celticist.

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