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Thursday 28th January
What made St Brigit different in the Early Middle Ages?

Speaker: Dr. Elva JOHNSON 
Lecturer at the College of Arts & Celtic Studies, School of History & Archives of University College Dublin.
MUSIC: Niamh O'Brien RHIANNON will sing 'St. Brigit's Canticle'

Thursday 18th February
Divine Odyssey: Early Saints and Pilgrimage as Ritualised Wandering 
Speaker: Nuala AHERN
Environmentalist and political analyst, and former Member of the European Parliament representative for the Green party

Thursday 25th March
Traditions of Kingship in early Ireland and India
Speaker: Charles DOHERTY 

Senior Lecturer, School of History & Archives- University College Dublin,
and President of the Royal Society of the Antiquaries of Ireland

Thursday 22 April
The Classics at the Wake - James Joyce and Greek Culture
Speaker: Dr. John DILLON

Classicist and philosopher who was Regius Professor of Greek in Trinity College Dublin, recently elected to the College of Athens  


Thursday 7th October

Life’s Journey – the Wanderer in Irish Myth and Culture

Illustrated presentation on the universal theme of home, exile and return in indigenous tradition, landscape and the arts

Thursday 4th November:GUESTS: Artist Carmel MOONEY and Dr. Barbara FREITAG
Exhibition of Glass Sheela-na-gig Sculptures 
Introduced by artist Carmel MOONEY
Carmel’s sculpture and paintings feature in ‘Carmel Mooney – A Sense of Place’ (Gandon Editions, 2009)

Sheela-na-gigs:Unravelling an enigma’ 
Illustrated talk by Dr. Barbara FREITAG
author of the most comprehensive study yet published on this controversial phenomenon. (Routledge, 2004)


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